Granting a Student Loan

The beginning of the academic year, i.e. a new environment, new challenges and new expenses. How to deal with them? There are many solutions that can support your budget during your studies.

The most popular are student loan and student loan. What is the difference and what to choose? Familiarize yourself with their features and choose the option that suits you better.

Student loan

Student loan

A student loan is a good way to finance your livelihood while studying at the university. It is granted to both public and private university students, regardless of which mode of study you choose. Its interest rate is extremely low compared to consumer loans and amounts to approx. 0.875%. How to take it You need to provide the crediting bank with a certificate of your family’s income, a certificate from the university confirming that you are a student and the documents required to assess creditworthiness, as well as the loan collateral, i.e. a certificate from the guarantor.

This loan may be granted for the entire period of study but for no longer than 6 years. The bank will pay you money every month, thanks to which you will finance your expenses. Its repayment begins only two years after graduation. Until then, interest is not charged.

You start paying them back when you repay the money you borrowed. Interest is also very low compared to a regular loan and is 1.75% in August 2019. Can you apply for a student loan cancellation? Yes, but only if you finish education in the group of the best graduates.

When it comes to a student loan

When it comes to a student loan

The case is completely different. It is offered by companies dealing in short-term loans. Often, there are no additional benefits associated with it. It is granted once for a specified period. Its amount depends entirely on your needs and the company that offers it.

Always look for reliable companies that do not hide additional costs and offer the first loan for free, quickly and without unnecessary formalities, with such a company Good Finance To take such a loan, all you need is an ID card, you do not have to prepare an income certificate or confirmation of being a student. This is a good solution if you suddenly find unexpected expenses. Check our student loan offer with APRC 0%.

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